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TLC's speech-language therapies utilize evidence - based treatment plans and 

state-of-the-art resources to treat children and young adults with limited or compromised communication skills.


This includes disorders and disabilities that impact both verbal and non-verbal abilities. 

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TLC customizes feeding therapies for infants and children who may be struggling to thrive because of feeding-related issues or complications.

Our medically-trained therapists treat most feeding disorders, including those associated with behavioral and developmental issues. 


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TLC is one of the only practices in the region with prestigiously trained therapists qualified to 
use internationally-accredited treatment protocols to diagnose and treat children and young adults with literacy difficulties. 

This includes disorders and disabilities that disrupt the ability to process sounds, symbols and phonics.

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TLC is a prominent leader in treating most physical and behavioral voice disorders in the Metro-Atlanta area. 

Our high demand voice therapies are regionally - recognized for remediating issues under expedited treatment plans.

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