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Keri Warrick’s passion for speech pathology began at the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Sciences and Disorders. She went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Speech – Language Pathology from Valdosta State University.  


Warrick is a native of Atlanta and returned to her hometown in 2006 when she began her career at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and received her clinical license to treat communication disorders. ​During the first 5 years at CHOA, Warrick continued to further her education by specializing in reading, feeding and voice disorders through professional development and clinical studies. 

Early in her career, Warrick provided therapy services across CHOA's Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Departments. Her leadership skills set an immediate precedent because of her commitment and dedication to providing cutting edge and evidence-based practices. 

In 2015, Warrick became one of the youngest therapists to earn a promotion and opportunity to serve on CHOA's management team as a Clinical Supervisor for Outpatient Rehabilitation. Over the last 5 years, CHOA relied on Warrick to revitalize operations, stimulate growth and restore morale at the North Druid Hills and Forsyth Clinics. Warrick led multi-disciplinary teams to successfully meet departmental goals and exceed productivity demands while also continuing to treat patients and mentoring new therapists. 

During her tenure at CHOA, Warrick was recognized for her sustained record of excellence in clinical care of sensory feeding and cardiac/pulmonary feeding disorders as well her customized reading therapy. In addition, she has gained notoriety in the community for her custom voice therapy practices and overall record success rate.

Warrick is the only therapist in North Atlanta who specializes in exercise induced respiratory vocal cord dysfunction. Her voice treatment protocols have restored competence and independence for patients, including high school and college athletes, who are suffering from reduced breathing coordination. The treatment yields nearly a 100% success rate, allowing most sidelined athletes to once again compete without limitations. .   

Warrick’s leadership and dedication to her patients and families over the last 15 years became her motivation and inspiration for Tender Links Communication.  TLC is excited to welcome new patients and continue caring for established patients in our community. 

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